Trieste 7 May 2017: Over 8 thousand participants running today. the Autopiù Trieste Europe Marathon, Simon Rugut (UGA) came in first with a time of 2:24:59, first among the women, Simona Staicu (ROU) clocking 2:57:39, in the Trieste Halfmarathon Swedish Fredrik Uhrbom won with a time of 1:08:57, firs woman is Teresa Montrone (Alteratletica Locorotondo) in 1:19:26. In the Costiera Run (29km) Fabio Bernardi came in first with a time of 1:40:27 and Ana Radivo in 2:04:40. Over 8 thousand participants overall in the first Trieste Running Festival by Apd Miramar, with 2111 runners among Autopiù Trieste Europe Marathon , Trieste Europe Halfmarathon e Costiera Run, and 5904 in the Generali Miramar Family, the popular non-competitive event. For all the start line is from Miramare and finish line in the wonderful backdrop of piazza Unità d’Italia overlooking the sea.
In the Autopiù Trieste Europe Marathon second came in Faye Samba (SEN), with a time of 2:33:20, third British Micheal Bryant with a time of 2:46:56. Among the women, Laura Pederzoli (Vicenza Marathon) 2:48:21 finished second, third Anna Zilio (Vicenza Marathon) in 2:58:45. In the Trieste Europe Halfmarathon Stefano Scaini (Parco Alpi Apuane) came in second 1:09:25, third Justin Scheld from USA in 1:10:38. Among the women second came Anna Agosto (Libertas Udine) with a time of 1:29:40, third Francesca Lettig (Gruppo Sportivo Natisone) in 1:29:54. In the brand new Costiera Run, Alessandro Splendore (Vicenza Marathon) finished second in 1:44:35, Peter Bryant from UK third in 1:48:32. Among the women Rossella Guariniello clinched second place (ASD Team KM Sport) in 2:05:55, third Silvia Moras (Corro Ergo Sum Runners) in 2:27:22.