Registration is open for 2017 Green Europe Marathon, Costiera Run (30km) and Halfmarathon to be held on Sunday 7 May.

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Green Europe Marathon

-35€ from 1/9/16 until 31/12/16
-40€ from 01/01/17 until 31/03/17
-45€ from 01/04/17 until 03/05/17



-25€ from 1/9/16 until 31/12/16
-30€ from 01/01/17 until 31/03/17
-35€ from 01/04/17 until 03/05/17

-15€ from 1/7/16 until 31/08/16 for all those who took part in 2016 (VOUCHER) (the voucher for the discount will be sent via e-mail, in case you do not receive the e-mail, you can ask for it at [email protected] providing name, surname and date of birth.)
-20€ from 1/9/16 until 31/12/16
-25€ from 01/01/17 until 31/03/17
-30€ from 01/04/17 until 03/05/17

Races are open to Fidal members or athletes with Run Card or Run Card EPS (if you do not have a membership card, you will have to get one before the race date).

+5€ photo service (minimun 1 photo guaranteed)
Name change € 6
Postponement to 2018 € 11


Collection will be possible on 5 and 6 May 2017 in Trieste.
Confirmation letters will be available on the website twenty days before the start of the race.
On Sunday 7 May the running number can be collected at the start with an extra fee of 5€, only upon request to be made when signing up and paying 5€ for the service.
Running numbers can also be sent to your home address if registration is carried out by 24 April with an extra fee of 25 €
IMPORTANTE: All registration procedures must be carried out in advance!

Before the race, a free shuttle service, reserved for participants only, will be available to reach the start area. Roads will be closed so reaching the start with your own car will be difficult.
Shuttles will leave from Piazza Libertà – Trieste.
To get into the buses, you will have to show your running number.

A free transport service for athlete’s personal will be available from the start area to the finish area in Trieste (Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia). Athletes’ bags must be personally placed inside the vans near the start line. The bags must have the athlete’s running number clearly visible and should only contain the clothes to change after the race. Bags must be handed in HALF AN HOUR BEFORE THE START OF THE RACE.

The time limit to conclude the marathon is 6hrs, The time limit for the half marathon is 3hrs.

Pacers will be marked with balloons to finish the marathon in: 3h00’, 3h15’, 3h30’, 3h45’, 4h00’, 4h30’, 5h00’ and the half marathon in: 1h30’, 1h45’, 2h00’.

Athletes who drop out will be able to catch a van following the runners. They will be taken to the finish area in Trieste, depending on how the race goes on.

Showers will be available at the B. Bianchi swimming pool that can be reached with a shuttle service.

The photos bought will be sent via e-mail to each participant.
The final certificate can be downloaded from

INFO:[email protected]